Hi, Im 23 years old Fullstack Software Developer. I am developing IoT devices for your NFTs! The first device is for luxury only. You can show off your NFTs with this device to your friends.

The device is Arduino (NodeMCU-ESP8266) & Nextion based. Its a physical and digital gallery for Solana NFTs.

The device is connecting with SolScan API's. It's actually not that easy. I developed a bridge API and bot for your wallets. The bot is scanning NFTs on your public wallet address and resizing images for the device. Actually its that easy. I think you can make it, if you a developer.

Yes, you can. I made a little program to connect to the device and change your public wallet address and wifi credentials. You can download and use it. If Windows showing you a virus alert don't worry about it. I'm not interested in your computer getting a virus or something.


I'm trying my best!

  • Launch & Mint
  • Production of 500 devices
  • Device delivery to all holders
  • Opening Web3 online store
  • Start to selling the device on online store
  • Sharing of profit to all holders